PEDICURE & Manicure

Pedicure inclines to foot care, specially has been arranged for women here. In our locality, our foot treatment is quite popular specially foot spa. Weoffer different types of foot caring processsuch as foot spa, massage, and foot caring by using herbal products. We offer some of unique foot spa like regular pedicure, spa pedicure, mini pedicure as per customer’s demand at cheap rate. Not only that, we are also expert in proper nail trimming process that helps to keep the foot more beautiful. Now, come to our attractive foot spa session – Nail Art. Our staffs are very experienced for curving the lovely design on toe-nails which are quite popular in our salon.

Fingernails beauty treatment becomes popular day by day. Our experts are very keen about this process; they basically maintain some of processes finger spa treatment. It is one of the most important parts in body spa. It mainly includes in our body spa package. Here, the customers get best results such as trimming the nails, shaping the nails and also cleaning the nails by some of herbal lotions. We take care of the nails with special care that works as rejuvenate of the nails from sudden breaking. Not only that, different nail art in different rituals, ceremonies women favour our unique designed nail art that soothethem attractive looks safely.        

Our PEDICURE & Manicure specialist